Leadership Training And Coaching: Clearing Through Foggy Communication

The essence of leadership training and coaching is communication.  Not only between you and your coaching clients, but being able to train your clients to effectively communicate in their role as a leader.  Unfortunately, the average skill level of communication is low in most areas of business.  This problem can be your opportunity.  Mike Munro Turner describes the essence of authentic communication in his article below.

Authentic Leadership Communication

The essence of leadership is being able to see what is needed, and then inspiring others to take action to effect change. Key to successful leadership is authentic leadership communication.

Terry Pearce in his book Leading Out Loud: Inspiring Change Through Authentic Communications suggests that there are three pre-requisites for authentic leadership communication:

  1. Discovering what matters to you: Authenticity arises from an awareness of your convictions and vision. We all have something that we are passionate about, and it is based on our particular make up and our rich and sometimes dire personal history.
  2. Finding our voice: At some time in our lives, usually at a very young age, most of us abandon our real voice and adopt a more conventional one. The leader, through introspection and discipline, must reconnect to their authentic voice and amplify it so that it resonates with those who follow them.
  3. Deciding to lead: Discovering what matters to you and finding your voice to express it is not enough – you need to decide to commit to creating inspirational interaction with others. That involves getting to know your own emotional landscape and how to connect it to that of others.


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