Best Practices In Coaching: 4 Steps To Greatness

One of the best practices in coaching is to continue to work on your coaching skills.  Tony Robbins teaches the concept of, CANI, which stands for ‘Constant And Never-ending Improvement.’  Krishna De shared her favorite tips in her Ezine article.

Coaching Best Practice Tip

If you are looking to take your coaching skills to the next level, here are four actions to take today:

1. Review the key questions you use with your clients and record them in a resource file of your own powerful coaching questions – you will find it helpful to keep a variety of questions to hand and these can become a great library of resources in years to come.

2. Check your questions against the four keys to powerful coaching questions above. What changes can you make to the questions you ask your coaching clients to ensure they become more powerful and impactful for your clients?

3. If you have the opportunity to watch another coach in action perhaps in a group supervision situation, listen carefully to the questions they ask. How could you build these into your repertoire of powerful coaching questions?

4. At the end of a coaching session with a client, reflect on what questions opened up the coaching conversation and which were less effective. Capture these in your client notes and update your resource file of powerful coaching questions.

Paying attention to the questions you ask your coaching clients will enhance your capability as a coach, but even more important can lead to amazing breakthroughs for your clients.

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