Tips For Coaching: A Coaching Quiz To Sharpen Your Skills

One of the simplest tips for coaching and improving your coaching performance is self-reflection.  It’s been said many times that, “Hindsight is 20/20.”  Thinking about your sessions after they are over is the quickest path to mastery.  Krishna De suggests 4 questions you can ask yourself to see where you can improve your coaching skills.

Coaching Best Practice – Four Keys To Powerful Coaching Questions


As a professional coach your role is to provide a space and environment for your coaching client (the coachee) to reflect on their actions and explore the full potential of the options open to them.

The ability to ask effective coaching questions is a core skills of a professional coach – no matter what field of coaching you are in.

But what makes a powerful and impactful coaching question?

How can you create a framework in which your coachee can reflect and so that they are able to unlock the art of what might be possible and the path to achieve their goals?

Here are four keys to powerful coaching questions – four criteria to assess your own coaching questions against:

1. Are your questions non judgmental?

2. Are your questions simple and succinct?

3. Are your questions open?

4. Do your questions reflect your clients language?—Four-Keys-To-Powerful-Coaching-Questions&id=642025

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