Best Coaching Practices – The Power Of Free Sessions

One of the best coaching practices you can use to grow your business like crazy is the free coaching session. If you’re not practicing coaching through complementary sessions, you’re being stupid and it’s because you’re afraid you really don’t shake-up your clients’ lives in powerful ways that’ll free them from their 5 by 8 jail cell.

If you believed in your own ability to coach you wouldn’t allow your most precious source of new clients to rot right on the vine. Complementary sessions are hugely valuable for your coaching practice whether you sign-up a new client or not. Free sessions equals more testimonials and more testimonials means more coaching business. The free session is the best way for new coaches to practice coaching and get better at it.

Growing your coaching practice through the power of the free session strategy

I have two outcomes for complementary coaching sessions: 1. Get the client to sign-up for coaching and 2. ask them for a testimonial. You should always preframe this at the beginning of your coaching sessions and tell your prospect you’ll let them know at the end of your time today how they can get more coaching with you and if they choose to and what they can do to help you grow your life coaching business.

Once I’m done running a free session, I always ask my prospect to give me a testimonial whether they sign-up for coaching with me or not. My goal is to make my sessions the best coaching experience the new client has ever had because at the end I’m going to ask them to choose me as their coach and give me a testimonial. It’s my job to coach my client beyond their expectations so their testimonial will be powerful and a knock out for new free session prospects who’ll decide to coach with me based on prior customer testimonials.

Social Proof

The best way to attract new customers to your coaching practice is to give them social proof. Many people make buying decisions based on other’s experiences. They want to know how you’ve helped other clients like them reach their goals and change their lives for the better. Prospects want proof that someone else like them got the result they want from you.

Coach your client how to give you a great customer testimonial for your coaching practice. Help them practice for a few minutes. Don’t put words into their mouth, but coaching them in doing it the right way can make a huge difference in what they’ll say.

Get them to state their experiences in measurable terms so others can quickly grasp what you did for them during your free coaching session which really got them breakthrough results.

Measurable terms means stating testimonials in ways that show the following results:

1. How quickly they got the outcome they wanted
2. How your coaching improved their relationships by giving a before and after short story
3. How they got their project done on time and in less time with your coaching practices
4. Coaching helped them face their fears and now they take actions in areas of their life which they never did before

Now you can see the types of measurable ways your complementary sessions can create many new opportunities for growing your coaching practice. To grow a life coaching business like Starbucks grew out of control, the free coaching session can be the espresso for helping you get wired for more success.

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