Best Coaching Practices: Tips From An Acclaimed Teacher of Practical Spirituality

Getting ideas from other people of what are the best coaching practices you could use on life coaching is an effective way of learning. Barbara Biziou is a success, relationship and career coach and is dedicated to integrating spiritual truths into practical realities. Read more from the article which she shared some of her best coaching practices that made her an acclaimed practical spirituality coach.

Barbara Biziou: Acclaimed Teacher of Practical Spirituality

LM: What makes your practice different from other best coaching practices? BB: I have a spiritual orientation. I believe in coaching the whole person and making sure they pay attention to all areas in their life. …

Publish Date: 04/15/2009 22:24


  1. Granulated Sugar : says

    my career coach is my father because he seems to know a lot my about career guidance ..

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