Best Coaching Practices: How Silence Can Benefit Your Clients?

As the adage says “Silence is a sounding thing, to one who listens hungrily” for life coaches your silence means a big thing to your clients. You have to be silent when your clients talk about there concerns and needs. It is really a sounding thing and will help you get closer to your client and provide them what they need. Among the best coaching practices silence and listening is a good way in knowing more about what your client’s wants.  Here is an article written to elaborate what silence contributes in your coaching.

Best Coaching Practices–The Silent Treatment

Some of the best coaching practices come from the realms of  hypnosis, NLP, or other disciplines, and are routinely taught when you go through a coaching training.  Others are more of an art, either a talent you’re born with, or one which grows along with your coaching experience and your ability to connect with your client.  Silence, and it’s effective use, is definitely an art.  Even if you are taught in coaches training that silence is useful, it can be a challenge to get past the negative connotations of “the silent treatment” that we associate with angry parents or sullen teenagers, and to develop your own sense of when and how silence can benefit your client.

Publish Date: 07/27/2010 10:30

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